FPP Craft Camp, Week 5: Braided Bauble Friendship Bracelets

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Summer camp just wouldn’t be summer camp without friendship bracelets! #FPPcraftcamp Braided Bauble Bracelets use Liberty of London fabric strips and bright little baubles to create beachy bangles that are super fun to make and share with friends!


These are easy enough for kids ages 5 and up but actually kind of chic, so adults just might want to wear them too! (Reader, as I type I’m wearing 4!)


Let’s get braiding!

braid bracelet 08.jpg
braid bracelet 09.jpg
braid bracelet 10.jpg

Get Ready


To make two bracelets you will need…

  • A Cord + Fabric Bundle which contains… two 3/4 yard pieces of 100% cotton Liberty of London fabric strips, and a 4-yard piece of synthetic knotting cord, available in 3 color combinations.

  • Two baubles from our Brass Baubles + Wood Beads pack which contains… eight 3/8 inch wood beads, two 6mm brass beads, two 8mm + 10mm bells, two 1/2 inch disc charms.

  • Two 6mm Closed Jump Rings

  • A lighter

If you want to make your own fabric strips, start with a piece of light-weight cotton fabric. Make a small clip into the selvage, close to the cut edge. Pull the fabric apart at the clip.The fabric should easily tear all the way through, creating a frayed edge. Make another clip, 1/2 inch from the torn edge and tear the fabric again, pulling the 1/2-inch strip off the main piece. This is your fabric strip!

Get Set

Pick one 27-inch Liberty of London Fabric Strip that you would like to use for your bracelet ( you will use 1 strip per bracelet.)

Cut the Knotting Cord to 27-inches.


Hold the ends of the Knotting Cord and Fabric Strip together and pull them through a jump ring until the jump ring is at the center of the strands (you’ll have 13 1/2 inches on either side of the ring.) You may have to fiddle with the end of the fabric strip a bit to get it through initially but then it will pull through easily.

To secure the cords in place before braiding take one strand of the Knotting Cord and tie a Half Left Knot around the other pieces of cord just below the jump ring. Here’s how…


Pull one strand of Knotting Cord over to the left to create a little loop at the top.

Then pull the Knotting Cord around the back of the other cords and through the little loop.

Pull this knot tight.



You’ll have 4 strands hanging from the jump ring; two Knotting Cord strands and two Fabric Strip strands. You will be holding the Knotting Cord strands together as one and doing a standard 3 strand braid.


Braid the three strands like you’d braid your hair for 3 inches.


If you are using a bauble with a smaller hole you will want to add it here, at 3 inches. (If you are using one with a bigger hole like the wood bead or disk charm from our Brass Baubles + Wood Beads pack you can skip this step. You will add your bauble at the end.) Thread your bauble through one strand of the Knotting Cord and pull it through until it reaches the braid and then just continue on.

Keep braiding until you reach 8-inches (if you’re making this for an adult you may want to do 8 1/2 or 9 inches.)



Once you’ve reached your desired length separate one strand of the Knotting Cord and tie three tight Half Left Knots in a row to secure the end. Then snip off the end very close to the last knot.


Use the lighter to melt the snipped end, securing the end knots.

Clip off the other cords 1/8-inch beyond the knots.


If you are using a bauble with a bigger hole thread it onto the bracelet now through the finished end.


Pull the end of the bracelet through the jump ring, it might be a bit tight so be patient.


Slip the bracelet on and then tie the end around itself to secure! All done!