FPP Craft Camp, Week 7: Fortune Tellers

fortune 13.jpg

We all know that nothing can predict the future… right? Not so fast, we think our Fortune Tellers just might have all the answers! Or at the very least they have some answers! From the totally absurd (“100 Monkeys will share your pajamas”), to the probably true (“There is a good chance your feet stink”), these little oracles cover it all!

fortune 02.jpg

We’ve designed three styles (available as a FREE download right here), ready for your kiddos to color in, cut out and fold up. Then, watch the fortune telling begin!

Yes, No, Maybe So works like a classic Magic Eight Ball. Ask it your most pressing yes/no question (“Do my feet really stink?”) and await the answer from on-high (or, from on-paper, as the case may be) … “You better believe it!”

Who, What, When, Why gives its best guess for what your future holds, straight from the wacky mind of an 8-year-old. Could you have guessed you’d be dancing with unicorns today? The Fortune Teller KNOWS!

fortune 04.jpg

And, because we know your kids really have all the best ideas, we’ve left one totally blank, ready to be filled in by the clairvoyants in your house! You never know what’s lying behind the bend, but it sure is fun to guess!

Get Ready!

fortune 05.jpg


You will need …

  • A Fortune Teller, printed on text-weight paper

  • Color pencils, crayons, or markers

  • Scissors

Get Set!


fortune 03.jpg

Once you’ve chosen your Fortune Teller and printed it out on text-weight paper, use the colored pencils, crayons or markers to color it in.


fortune 07.jpg

Cut the Fortune Teller out around the outer edge. You will have a TK x TK-inch square.


Fold the paper as described in the instructions, or follow along with the animation below!


Everyone does their fortune telling differently, but here’s how we do it …

First, have your subject chose which word most fits their mood (if you are working with Yes, No, Maybe So, have your subject ask their question, and then chose which answer they most hope for or predict). Move the Fortune Teller back and forth for each letter of the word chosen.

Next have your subject choose a number from the options shown. Move the Fortune Teller back and forth as you count to this number.

Finally, have your subject chose one last number and read them the fortune hidden underneath and watch them marvel in your magical powers.

Corinne Gill