FPP Craft Camp, Week 6: Felt Flower Magnets

felt magnets 30.jpg

When it comes to kids’ artwork it’s easy to be a hoarder. Each piece feels like a moment trapped in time. So, at our house, even the scribbliest of pictures goes in the archive. But the good ones? They go on the fridge. These Felt Flower Magnets are the perfect little hangers for those extra special works of art since they’re works of art themselves!

Each Magnet is made with two pieces of felt sewn together using a simple whipstitch. The magnet gets tucked inside for safe keeping - and all that heavy lifting! The simple sewing on these is just perfect for little hands (we recommend ages 6 and up), but please keep in mind that swallowing a magnet is extremely dangerous so this project is not recommended for households with toddlers.

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This pattern is totally free and totally fun, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing! We kept ours blank, but you could try adding embroidery stitches, coloring with marker, or maybe even adding a sticker or two. It’s all in the fun!

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felt flower magnets 20.jpg

Once they’re finished, you can hang them along with your kids’ latest masterpiece in the family art gallery, ah, er, I mean fridge.

Get Ready

felt flower magnet 01.jpg
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To make 7 Felt Flower Magnets you will need …

Get Set


felt magnet_how to 01.jpg
felt magnets how to 02.jpg

Use the paper pattern to trace and cut the shapes from the felt. You will need two identical pieces for each magnet.


Stack the two piece on top of each other, lining up all the edges. (Even though the Poppy flower looks symmetrical, it only fits together in one way. If you can’t get the edges to line up try flipping one layer over.)

Thread the needle with 2 plies of embroidery floss, cut to 8 inches, with a knot tied at one end.

Tip! Embroidery floss is made with 6 plies (or strands) bundled together to create a single thread. You can stitch with all 6 strands, or “ply” the floss to work with only a few at a time. To ply the floss, first cut the thread to the desired length. Pinch the 6 strands close to one end. Keeping hold of the floss, carefully pull out one strand at a time until you have the number you need for stitching. Put the individual strands back together for working.

felt magnet how to 03.jpg
felt magnets how to 02b.jpg

Sew the two pieces together using a Whip Stitch.

felt magnets how to 04.jpg

Work around the shape until you are about 1 inch away from the first stitch. Slip the magnet into this gap.

felt magnets how to 05.jpg
felt magnets how to 05b.jpg
felt magnets how to 06.jpg

With the magnet in place, finish sewing around the rest of the shape. When you’ve finished, stitch in place 2-3 times then pull the needle from the side through to the center of the shape. Pull the thread all the way through and snip. This helps secure (and hide!) the end of the thread.


Now, watch your (magnetic!) garden grow!

Corinne Gill