FPP Craft Camp, Week 8: Shrink Charm Flower Necklace

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We’re not sure what’s more striking about these pretty little necklaces: the delicate whimsy of the finished product, or the surprising way they come together. They are made using Shrink Plastic (aka what Shrinky Dinks are made of!) which is a thin sheet of plastic that you cut out into cute shapes and shrink in the oven!

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Using the oven may sound involved but these are simple as can be. All it takes is some coloring, cutting, and a quick 2 minute bake to turn a thin sheet of plastic into a whole collection of home-made charms. They are solid, durable, and absolutely adorable.

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Our Shrink Charm Flower Necklace pattern is available for FREE right here, and we have a bundle of the magic paper + 3 yards of cord available here! (All other supplies you’ll likely find right at home.) What we truly love about this project is that you can trace just about any image and turn it into your own (tiny!) work of art. Keep in mind that each charm will shrink about 50% once baked — CUTE!!

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So, set up shop and get crafting!

Get Ready


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To make 3 Necklaces, you will need …

  • A Shrink Charm Project Bundle, which contains three 8.5 x 5.5-inch sheets of Shrink Plastic and a 3-yard piece of knotting cord.

  • A Shrink Charm Flower Necklace template, printed

  • Fine point permanent marker (optional)

  • Colored Pencils

  • A 3/16-inch hole punch

  • A lighter

  • Baking Sheet

  • Parchment paper

  • An oven

Get Set


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.



shrink how to 01.jpg
shrink how to 02.jpg

With the sanded side facing up, place one sheet of the Shrink Plastic on top of the template.

Use the permanent marker to trace just around the outside lines of the shapes. (You will cut these lines off later, so make sure to give yourself plenty of space.)

Mark the two small dots from the pattern onto the sheet.

Tip! You can trace using the colored pencil instead, however keep in mind that the color will be very faint, and can be tricky to follow when cutting later.

To make the Necklace we did, trace 2 Tulips, 2 Poppies, and 3 Leaves.

shrink how to 03.jpg

Use the colored pencils to color the shapes in (this is a great job for little hands!). Make sure to color on the rough, textured side of the paper. Don’t worry if the color seems very light, it will become much more vibrant after baking.

Cut out the shapes just inside the dark traced lines.

shrink how to 04b.jpg
shrink how to 05.jpg

The plastic is easy to cut, but can tear as you work around sharp corners. When cutting into sharp points, we recommend coming in from both directions to avoid sharp turns.

Don’t worry about cutting the shapes exactly right, most imperfections will be masked after baking, just be sure to cut off as much of the dark, traced lines as possible.

shrink how to 06.jpg

Once the pieces are all cut out, use the hole punch to punch out the two marked dots.


shrink how to 07.jpg
shrink how to 07a.jpg

Line a baking sheet with Parchment paper. Place the prepared pieces on top of the paper so that none are touching each other. Cover with a second layer of parchment. (This prevents curling in the oven.)

shrink how to 07b.jpg

Bake for 2 minutes and remove promptly. The charms will still be hot and soft - and 50% smaller than when they started(!). Let cool for 1-2 minutes, then check out your adorable creations!


Cut the cord to 28 inches.

String the beads onto the cord. First, pull the cord from the back of the bead to the front through one hole, then from the front to the back through the other. Repeat for the remaining beads.

String the beads onto the cord. First, pull the cord from the back of the bead to the front through one hole, then from the front to the back through the other. Repeat for the remaining beads.

shrink how to 10.jpg

When you’ve finished, adjust the beads so that they are evenly spaced, and centered on the cord.


The Necklaces are finished with a sliding knot. With this knot, you can adjust the length of the cord to make a longer, or shorter necklace, and still be sure it will fit over your head.

shrink how to 11.jpg
shrink how to 12.jpg

With one end of the cord, tie a knot around the other and pull tight.

shrink how to 13.jpg
shrink how to 14.jpg

Trim the cord close to the knot. Use a lighter to singe the end of the cord. It will melt slightly. This will help secure the knot.

shrink how to 15.jpg

Now, use the loose end of the cord to tie a second knot on the other side.

Trim the end and singe with the lighter.


To use the sliding knot to make the Necklace longer, hold on to the loose cord to the left and right of the knots and pull. The knots will slide closer together and the Necklace will lengthen.

To make the Necklace shorter, pinch the two knots and pull them apart. The knots will slide away from each other and the Necklace will become shorter.

Corinne Gill