FPP Craft Camp, Week 3: Paper Heart Pins


Kids are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves … and shirts, and backpacks, and anywhere else they can get their hands on. Our Paper Heart Pins can help them do it!

These little origami Hearts are amazingly simple to make, but so fun and addictive. Easy paper folds make the shape, and a no-fuss glue dot fixes the pin to the back.

We’ve gathered everything you need to make 2 pins, and lots and lots of Hearts in our Paper Heart Pin bundles (including full instructions, 3 sheets of super-cute custom paper, 14 sheets of solid paper, 2 glue dots, and 2 pin-backs.)

Already have the supplies? The folding instructions are available as a FREE pdf here and can be made with any square, light-weight paper. Just add a glue dot and pin-back to turn it into a pin.

We also carry additional pin backs and glue dots - and we recommend ordering extra. Once you start folding, glueing, and pinning these little treasures, it’s hard to stop!

Get Ready!


All of the supplies to finish two pins, including instructions, custom Fair Play Projects paper, two glue dots and two pin-backs are available in our Paper Heart Pin Project Bundle here. You can buy extra pin backs and glue dots in our pin-back bundle here.

If you’re using your own supplies you will need ,,,

Get Set … Fold!

Fold the paper and attach the pin-back as described in the instructions, or follow along with the animation below!


Corinne Gill