Sweetheart Pocket Necklace


We love handmade Valentines, especially ones that kids can actually make, and actually love when they’re finished! These Sweetheart Pocket Necklaces are a great project for making, or for giving this Valentine’s day.

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Sew one with love for a special someone, whip up a bunch for a a whole classroom, or gift the Project Bundle and (free) pattern template for the crafter you heart the most.

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The pattern is so easy to make, and the Pockets are so fun to fill. What a special treat for all your Sweethearts this year! (Keep scrolling for the full, FREE pattern!)

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You will need …


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Use the paper pattern to cut…

  • 1 Pocket Back from the Main Color

  • 1 Pocket Front from the Main Color

  • 1 Heart from the Accent Color

Transfer the Markings from the paper pattern onto the felt pieces (we used a water soluble fabric marker).


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pocket_how-to 06.jpg

Snip along the short marked line on the Pocket Back: Fold the piece in half lengthwise and use small, sharp scissors to cut along the marked line. This is the Buttonhole.


pocket_how-to 08.jpg


Thread the needle with 6 plies of embroidery floss cut to 8 inches, with a knot tied at one end.

Tip! Embroidery floss is made with 6 plies (or strands) bundled together to create a single thread. You can stitch with all 6 strands, or “ply” the floss to work with only a few at a time. To ply the floss, first cut the thread to the desired length. Pinch the 6 strands close to one end. Keeping hold of the floss, carefully pull out one strand at a time until you have the number you need for stitching. Put the individual strands back together for working.

Stack the Heart on top of the Pocket as indicated on the Pocket Front pattern piece.

Pull the needle through both layers of felt, from back to front, at one end of the marked line on the Heart shape. Stitch the Heart into place along the marked line 3-4 times.

To finish, bring the needle to the back. Thread the needle and thread through the loop of stitches you just made. Snip the thread close to the fabric.


pocket how-to 10.jpg

Stack the Front Pocket on top of the Back Pocket, lining up the bottom, curved edge. Marks A + B should be visible and the Buttonhole should run across the top.

Thread a needle with 3 plies of embroidery floss, cut to 18 inches, with a knot tied at one end.

Bring the needle through from the back to the front of the Front Pocket only, 1/8 inch in from the side, and 1/8 inch down from the top edge. The knot will be sandwiched between the two layers of felt.

pocket how-to 11.jpg
pocket how-to 12.jpg

Sew along the bottom curved edge of the Pocket with a running stitch, keeping the stitch about 1/8 inch from the edge all the way around. Once you’ve worked all the way around the curve, finish the stitch by sewing in place 2-3 times. Bring the needle to the back. Thread the needle through the loop of stitches you just made and pull it all the way through. Snip the thread close to the fabric.


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pocket how-to 14.jpg

Thread a needle with 6 plies of embroidery floss, cut to 25 inches.

Tip! You can adjust the length of your cord if you want it longer or shorter, just make sure that the finished Necklace will fit over your head once its tied. 

Pull the needle from back to front of the Pocket Back at the small mark you made for point A. Do not pull the thread all the way through. Instead, leave a long tail running out the back.

Reinsert the needle from front to back at the mark you made for point B. Pull the thread through so that you have two long tails running out the back. Adjust the tails so that they are the same length.

pocket how-to 15.jpg

Line up the two cut ends of the cord and ties them together with a simple overhand knot, leaving a 1/2-inch tail.

Fold the top flap of the Pocket Back over the front, and slip the Heart through the Buttonhole to secure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Corinne Gill